Frequently Asked Questions

When can I claim my rewards?

The 20% of the locked-up tokens can be claimed at 9:30 A.M. on the 30th of December. The rest will be unlocked every block for 90 days​.

Is there a minimum and maximum quantity for token deposit for launchpad?

There is no minimum and maximum quantity for token deposit. You can participate in launchpad with KLAY, KETH, KSP, KORC.

Will NEURONswap support Metamask as well?

Metamask will be supported at the time of our official launch.

Is the project being audited?

NEURONswap is being audited by a security specialist, CertiK.

Will the tokens for participating in Launchpad be returned?

Deposited KSP, KORC, KETH is converted to KLAY at the exchange rate at the end of the launchpad.​ NR tokens according to the deposit will be distributed.

*The minimum of 500,000 KLAYs should be deposited to complete the Launchpad. When less than 500,000 KLAYs are deposited, the tokens will be returned.

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