Token Allocation

  • Total Supply : 500,000,000 NR

  • Initial Starting Supply : 2,390,288 NR

  • Daily NR Mining Volume : 885,000 NR

*The total issuance period of NR tokens is 2 years.

*Before all tokens are minted after 2 years, a governance vote is held to decide whether to issue additional governance tokens.

*Before the issuance of a total of 500 million tokens for 2 years is completed, the number of additional issuance, period, and distribution are decided by governance voting.

*NR tokens have a total of 5 deflationary periods every 4 Months. Deflation is designed to reduce the issuance volume by 10% compared to the existing issuance volume to prevent rapid deflation.

Token Distribution

  • Community: 75.13%

    • Protocol Contributor (LP Provider + Staker) : 53.33%

    • Transaction Fee Payback Pool: 5.33%

    • Treasury: 16.47%

  • Team: 19.43% (Team quantities are staked for 2 years.)

  • Advisor: 4.96%

  • Initial Supply: 0.48%

Protocol Contributor

Liquidity providers create a trading environment in the DEX ecosystem. Liquidity providers are allocated 60% and stakers are allocated 30% of the daily NR mining for protocol contributor.


Traders are allocated 10% of the daily NR mining for protocol contributor.

Governance Member

Governance Token Stakers share the mid- to long-term vision of NEURONswap. Stakers are allocated 60% of the daily NR mining for protocol contributor.

Deflation Model

NEURONswap has different buyback systems as the protocol grows. The systems are designed as a virtuous cycle ecosystem that encourages liquidity providers and traders to participate more in the ecosystem by continuously increasing the value of the NR token.

  • Burn of Transaction Fee(NR Token)

  • Burn NR tokens used to create liquidity pool

  • Burn NR tokens from Rony Box sale

  • Burn a portion of NFT Market fee

  • Burn airdrop NR tokens

  • Burn NR token caused by unstake penalty

  • 5 Deflations throughout the distribution

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