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2021 Q4

  • NEURONswap Launchpad
  • NEURONswap Beta Launching

2022 Q1

  • Governance Token Staking Open

2022 Q2

  • Inflation Adjustment
    • Community Token Incentive Adjustment
  • Rony Club Beta Open
    • First Synthetic NFT released across all mainnets.
    • Synthetic NFT mining function development
  • Synthetic NFT mining through Hall of Fame Exhibit

2022 Q3

  • Rony Club Introduction Page Update
    • New Design and Program UI/UX optimization
  • Metaverse 3D Space Release
  • Realization of 3D space in metaverse for chatting and multiplayer

2022 Q4

  • NEURONswap V2, Projects Owned Dex Service Release
  • Rony Club Official Open
    • Metaverse 3D space release with DEX and governance functions
  • 3 Round Minting
  • Expanding NFT Utilization
  • 2023 Roadmap Announcement

2023 Q4

  • Vote for additional issuance of governance tokens