Rony Club's Vision

NEURON team devleoped ‘Synthesis NFT’ for the first time ever. We are confident that Rony Club NFT will revolutionize the NFT minting system.

DEX-Linked Metaverse

Rony House

Rony House(Metaverse) will be released in early August. Rony House is a 3D space where you can use NEURON DEX service, NFT games and various contents within the metaverse and participants can use functions such as token swap, deposit, and staking. In addition, we plan to introduce essential services to build a user-oriented decentralized Web 3 ecosystem such as multiplayer and chat functions. The NEURON team is developing more diverse services to create sustainable values. Please look forward to the 3D governance voting function that will be released in the future, and the NEURON team will strive to make it easy and fun for anyone to use the service through a reliable service.

1. Multiplayer

Anyone from all over the world can create an avatar that reflects their individuality and preferences in the Rony House(Metaverse) and provide a unique multiplayer experience.

Choose various types of skins and wallpapers, customize your avatar through minting participation by round and through the marketplace. Enjoy multiplayer with your “altnernate-self” as well as your favorite avatar.

2. Chat function

Rony House supports the real-time chat function for compatibility with a digital content multi-platform that can use NFT games and various services within the metaverse.

A metaverse with governance

Rony Council

In the council in the metaverse world, Ronys can propose autonomous proposals and agendas on protocol technology, governance rules. On the proposed agenda, Ronys can vote depending on their gNR holdings.

Rony Financial Committee

In the Financial Committee in the metaverse world, Ronys can voluntarily raise proposals and agendas for the protocol's economy.

Protocol economics include reward for traders, reward for governance token staking, pair boosting, marketing expense handling, bug bounties, and more. On the proposed agenda, Rony can vote depending on their gNR holdings.

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