Rony Club

Rony is derived from the way of expressing the brand as a nickname, such as Rolex as Roly and Coca-Cola as Coke. 'Rony' is from 'RON' in NEURON.

Rony Club is where governance members who share the mid- to long-term vision of NEURONswap. By staking NR tokens, users are given gNR which represents the influence of the protocol governance and become members of Rony Club. As owners of the NEURONswap Protocol, Rony Club members participate in the important decision-making of the NEURONswap protocol and also receive a share in revenue as the protocol grows.

Rony Club members are given unique membership cards(NFT) and 5 titles: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Stone depending on their protocol influence(gNR holdings).

Rony Club members can communicate in the Square and influence the protocol's technology and governance rule in the Council. In addition, the Finance Commitee can exercise influence on the Economy agenda.

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